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8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter Nintendo

My son really got used to using Wii U Pro controllers with the Wii U. He likes the Wii U Pro controller a lot and I found a controller on clearance so I didn’t care much that he got his grimy. Grimy controllers are one of my pet peeves. But now that we have the switch, my son always want to use my Switch Pro controller. I don’t want to pay for another Switch Pro controller, but he’s already gotten my Switch Pro controller gross once! This solved all my problems. He now can use the Wii U Pro controller and I can have the Switch Pro controller all to myself!
Cons: With PC it doesn’t have all the functionality with a DS4 controller than my old bluetooth pairing solution offered (adjustable lights, and touch screen support). I just downloaded the latest firmware and it purports to address a disconnect issue I was having with my DS4 on the Switch. Testing it now but given how diligently these folks support their products, I’m not too concerned.