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aCompatible Double Chaise Rocker Patio

I am very happy with my new patio chair and glad I bought it. I have it by my pool and I keep getting compliments on it from my neighbors and guests on how nice it looks. The sun shade is a nice size and provides good coverage from the sun and the rocking feature is a nice added bonus. (1st lounge chair I ever bought that rocks)
The product itself was well made/engineered and packaged nicely. As example, all of the metal edges were beveled, sanded, and painted, even the unused/unseen parts of the assembly Also, the included hardware even came in a nice little cloth bag with detailed instruction that made assembly very easy. (The cardboard box was damaged upon arrival, but that was more UPS) Not the sellers.
Overall, this is a good product, well built, seems like good quality so far. I would buy it again