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BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

Really great. Perfect pizza. Make sure you get the metal spatula. Make the pizza on the spatula and then put your pizza in the oven with it too. Once the pizza starts cooking it will separate from the spatula and you can pull it out and turn the pizza round and round.Awesome! We have a three burner Weber Silver BBQ, I put it on top of the grills without removing the flavor bars on HHH, depending on the outside temp it gets hot in 20 minutes, a good pizza dough recipe essential, we also bought the cuisinart CPS-022 Pizza Spinners and CPP-413 Pizza Peel for removing, and a wood Pizza Peel for putting the pizza in the oven (trick is lots of corn meal and use opposing side of each time to let it dry out) a CCB-399 Stone Brush comes in very handy!