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BIZOND Portable Ozone Air Purifier

Really happy with the design of this purifier. It’s very compact and sleek BIZOND Portable Ozone Air Purifier . It’s small enough that it can fit into the cup holder of my car but still powerful enough to see a difference in air quality. I also like the blue indicator light that shows you it’s on. I just place it in the center of my room leave and in 20 minutes the room is fresher.
I had guests AirBnBing at my apartment over spring break, and they were all men in their twenties. At least two of them used horrible body sprays and the smell would hit me in the face every time they opened the door of the room they were renting. It was horrible. One of them even smoked after I said no smoking. I used this little device to clear up the smell after they left, and I’m glad to say it actually works.
I used it as the instructions said: turn it on, it goes on for about 15 minutes, then leave it there for an hour to react, then air out the room for a minute. So basically left it in the room for a bit over an hour. The smell really dies down, even though it was infesting the room like crazy, and it’s replaced by this air that feels fresh in my nose, like when I’m in a clean park.