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Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather

I’m kind of an” in betweener”. I’ve been trying to find the perfect minimalist wallet that can carry the 2 cards I need for my business and another 3 or 4 for personal use (6 cards plus driver’s license and insurance cards) in the least bulky wallet I could find. Amazon has a bunch of similar ones to this Serman Brands Traveler Wallet. This one costs more, but still a lot less than the ones featured in minimalist wallet articles on the web. The video testimonial on the this wallet was a real help making the choice.Things I like are the easy access outside pocket with thumb hole for my everyday card, the rfd protected pouch with pull tab, and the 2 additional rfd protected slots on the inside. The wallet is as compact as it can be. What determines the thickness is how many cards I carry stacked up and how much cash is in the money clip. It’s all leather and I took the time to decide what to load in it and then kinda massaged it with its contents to get the edges to conform around all the cards I carry while watching a game on TV. It feels even more compact and shaped now. I wanted my bank debit and credit cards protected in the inside slots, so I taped small flex plastic finger pull tabs on the ends facing out. Now I can quickly access these without opening up the wallet to reveal any cash. Works for me perfectly!