Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The Bose Soundlink Micro is one of the first ultraportable pocketsized speakers that are really enjoying to listen to unlike the sheer mass of crappy comparable speakers promising “big bass” etc. The only comparable alternative is the B&O Beoplay P2, but it is even more expensive and is far not as rugged and suitable for portable use, thanks to its bling-bling look and finish. The Soundlink Micro is rather meant to be taken outdoors, it doesn’t matter if it falls onto stone or falls into water, as it is completely waterproof. Thanks to the built in strap/clip you can fix it to any objects, bicycle bars, belts or whatever, much better than the common carabiners or ropes or even leather loops like those from the Beoplay P2 which gets worn pretty quickly if you really start to bind the speaker around objects. Soundwise it is a tie between the Soundlink Micro and the P2, the P2 sounds maybe slightly more refined, but at half volume it does really strange stuff, bass scratches and becomes quite uncontrolled, while the Bose plays really clean, with just some slight tendency to drone in the 100hz region.