Braven Ready Elite Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Brilliant bass. Heavenly highs. Bluetooth Smart enabled. Reinforced alloy anchor points. The BRAVEN Ready Elite™ is the loudest in our waterproof Bluetooth speaker series. Two subwoofers develop deep, rumbling bass balanced by two massive, extended range drivers and dual tweeters that deliver 12 hours of unprecedented, spine-tingling crisp highs and clean vocals. Fueled by 40 powerful watts, the Ready Elite delivers rich, resounding audio loud enough for outdoor areas and large groups of people. To help them perform well outdoors, Braven has equipped the Ready Elite with twin extended range drivers and dual subwoofers, which should ensure big bass , even in open environments. A 5200mAh battery will keep the tunes playing for up to 12 hours, and its reserve power can be used to charge mobile devices via the speaker’s USB port, which will come in handy when you’re nowhere near a power outlet.