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CORSAIR K68 Mechanical Gaming

It is beautiful and well-built, and it would not look out of place on the desk of any professional in any office anywhere, and for the quality that you are getting the price is remarkably reasonable. Just get it.
In terms of build quality, the K66 is easily the best. It isn’t really a competition. When attempting to bend the chassis, I am unable to elicit any flex whatsoever. The finish is nice and does not attract fingerprints. The board has a considerable heft to it.
The keys and indicator LEDs are all completely functional; there are no QC issues to be seen. The game mode key has a nice tactile bump when pressed, and has an indicator light under the keycap that shines red when it is on. Works perfectly, the light is easily seen unless under direct illumination from my desk lamp. Media control keys all work perfectly and also have a nice tactile bump.