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DASH 4-Wheeled Expandable Luggage

Very happy with my purchase of this piece. There are 2 distinct compartments plus the separator that has zippered mesh compartments for things you don’t want packed in with your clothing, such as toiletries. I packed a lot more into it than I thought it would hold. The spinners work great and really took a beating over all kind of different terrain. If I had to point out a negative, it’s not terribly compatible with something you might want to stack onto it like a smaller bag while wheeling along, and it does not come with a strap to secure something like that.
I bought this carry to avoid having to take my large suitcase on two to three night excursions. I was skeptical as to whether I could fit enough in there for weekend trips, including my shoes. But this little gadget is remarkable. It fits so much in there and its expansion creates even more space. It is also rugged and great looking. I could not be happier.