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Digital Wrist Paper Watch CAJISO First Casual Watches Made of Paper

what more can i say. the concept is just clever!!! i wasn’t sure what to expect and actually got this for my daughter (who for one reason or another, loves watches). she really liked it to say the least.

so, i don’t even quite know how to describe it. it’s not really paper, but paper-like. the watch (or time-piece) is actually wrapped in this material that certainly looks like paper, but is stronger and more durable, of course. it is digital LED (LCD) and lights up underneath the covering. just like the picture. it is adjustable with a magnetic locking mechanism. the digital display does not stay lighted constantly. you have to press a small button on the watch to make it light up. stays lighted for about 5 seconds. it might be hard to see outside on a bright day. also, it might not be the best watch to wear while exercising or sweating, for that matter.