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ECOXGEAR GDI-EXBM901 Waterproof Portable

Absolutely hands down best bluetooth speaker I own and have ever owned! I am a Bluetooth speaker maniac, I just love music and I love being wireless so there you go. I purchased the ECOXGEAR GDI-EXBM901 Waterproof Portable a week ago for my trip to northern michigan for a bachelor party and it was literally the hit of the party. I used it all weekend blasting music and the battery was still good. I tested it Saturday by playing music for 12 hours straight at medium to high volume and it lost only one bar of four on the battery gauge. The best part was I mounted it to my pa speaker stand and put it in the water at the sandbar on Torch lake! People loved it, they were so blown away by its portability and 100% waterproof. I tested that by dunking it in and obviously the sound goes to crap until you let the water drain and then it’s back to screaming jams. I own the smaller XT model and it has been great the last 3 years. Battery still holds up great. Now that I have this for parties by the water and tailgates I can’t be happier about my purchase. 10 stars!!