Smart Home Gadgets

Elgato Eve Button Connected Home Remote

The physical switch is the missing element in home automation! My mom did not like having to go to her phone to control the lights. Now she loves the lights because she can press a button on the switch to control them. Very easy to use, easy to set up! Having the switch removes the complexity of needing to have a device handy that is signed into your home, and makes the lights functional for my guests.A bit expensive for what it does, but even though it’s very light it does feel premium. I’ve got a few Elgato Eve products and they’re all great. It’s compatible with HomeKit only, so if you use Alexa or Google home, don’t bother. It’s also Bluetooth only, not wifi, so you need to be within 15 metres of your home hub (Apple TV or HomePod) for it to work well.Easily set Eve Button to control everyday necessities, such as a connected lamp. Press once to switch it on. Twice to dim it to 50%. And hold for less than a second to switch it off. No swiping, tapping, or talking. Just instant, tactile control.