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Fento Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Chrome Razor Stand

On a recent trip I found that I had no usable shaving cream. Being in a time constraint I simply used the soap available in the hotel room. I was surprised at both the comfort and results of the shave. This brought to mind the many times I had observed my father shaving with a mug and brush. I quickly decided to make a move in that direction and was pleased with the results. My wife then sought to upgrade my shaving utensils and found the Fento brush and stand at Amazon which we purchased. They have been totally satisfying and fulfilled the reasons for their purchase, and, I might add, they are attractive sitting on the counter in our bathroom where I shave. If there is an interest, I recommend that you give it a try and receive the satisfaction of a fresh, clean shave with the convenience that the Fento brush and stand provide.