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Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch – Black

I bought this watch for the everyday use with the benefit of the golf feature, as i already have the Garmin G6 handheld. The battery life is excellent, charged on Monday, wore it all week and it lasted my two weekend rounds(Saturday and Sunday) with 30% left. Yardage with both devices was within a yard of one another. So yardage could be deemed accurate. Some have asked can they get past the non-touch screen feature of this watch. I believe the way it is set up is better,. i know with my G6 and even iPhone, i constantly hit the wrong place and get a different result than I wanted. With the buttons on this watch and highlighted feature you know exactly what you are selecting. Also, this isn’t an iWatch you really are not touching the screen that much anyhow. The GPS moves hole to hole, it tracks everything and even loads your steps, time and odometer automatically after the round, so the lack of touch screen won’t really effect much. I would highly recommend this watch. I will say that the only negative is the “Black” is much more “Gray” than black. But if that is the only negative than Garmin has done a good job.