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Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Quick Start Guide has you operational in minutes! Set includes one sensor & one receiver. Expandable up to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers for complete coverage of your perimeter. Over 30 chimes to choose from. Match different chimes with different sensors around your property to differentiate where motion is being detected. LOUD & adjustable volume.
Researched all the driveway alarm options and decided to go with Guardline based on reviews and price. I am happy with this unit. A few helpful tips: Directions call for a metric drill bit for installation. I used a 5/64″ bit with no problems! My driveway is very long. I picked a narrow portion to mount this alarm on a tree. Distance form house/base unit to sensor turned out to be 135 yds. That is 405 ft for the math impaired! I had some initial issues with the distance and called the company in Seattle. Dani was very helpful and I adjusted the location of the base unit which solved the problem. The directions are short and easy to follow. The company recommends installation with the factory settings. I made only ONE change. I reduced the distance sensitivity down to 13′ from the factory 39 ‘ setting. I painted a board with exterior paint and mounted the sensor on the board in the comfort of my house. Mounting the board/sensor to the tree was a breeze. I used exterior deck screws to mount the board to the tree. You will have to pre-drill your holes into the tree. Before you do all this—–check the system and make sure your distance is ok between the base unit and the sensor!!!!!! Another tip from Dani at Guardline is to change your sensor batteries before the cold weather hits in late fall. Plan on battery changes twice a year. The base unit plugs into the wall and has a back up battery option. You will need both AAA and AA size batteries for set up.