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HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer X7N07A, Print Social Media

Don’t compare this to a full quality printer. This baby is for printing stickers and for having a ton of fun!!!! And it does that in droves!!!! Print quality is just fine for adding photos to my planner pages or giving at to friends at dinner or a concert.

Fun. Yes it’s pricey but let’s face it, not too many of us print actual photos any more even us die hard scrapbookers at most stick a couple of fun prints in a planner page and call it a day. I purchased this printer specifically to add fun photos to my MAMBI Happy Planner. The 2×3 size fits across two boxes at an almost perfect fit. I also plan to use this at my wedding to give my mom and bridal party some fun instant shots.

Photo quality. Photos with a lot of bright colors and light come our best. Darker subjects, like my black cat are just ok. But still way in the good enough range. Professional photos of my engagement came out great.

Ease. So so simple. Charge it, download the app on your phone, open and install paper then connect via Bluetooth and DONE. The HP Sprocket app lets you add some fun effects like frames or hearts. Love it!!!!!