The Best Hubsan FPV X4 Desire H502S Quadcopter

The problem with most drones in the sub-$200 category is that they don’t have great stabilization and position hold features, so they’re super squirrelly and difficult to fly — but Hubsan’s Desire FPV is a notable exception. This little zipper has onboard GPS, altitude hold, and damn decent auto-stabilization software, which makes it much easier to fly.

As an added bonus, the Desire is also equipped with an wide-angle 720p camera that can record video to an onboard Micro SD card (not included), or just beam live video back to the screen on your controller. There’s even a “follow me” mode that allows you to relinquish control while the autopilot keeps the camera trained on the controller’s position — which is something you usually only find on higher-end drones. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, the Desire FPV should definitely be on your list.