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Incase Eo Travel Hardshell Roller

After having this bag for almost 4 years now (and using it for more than 200 nights of travelling) I have become pretty accustomed to the amazing upside, and irritating downsides of this bag. Here is my brief review of my #1 go to travel bag.

Size and Storage: This bag is on the border of the airline acceptable dimensions, but if it is not expanded it will fit in every carry-on size range. For people (including Incase) who say this bag is for weekends, I have to laugh a little. I can easily fit a 10 day trip worth of clothing and accessories into this bag with a little help from the Ziploc Travel Compression bags and some smart packing. This bag will go the distance if you are creative in how you pack. I put a list of my “typical” packing. Generally I can actually fit all of this in with the bag not in the expanded mode, but sometimes I expand it out if I don’t feel like compressing my clothes all down. But the reality is, you can fit A LOT of stuff in this bag.

Durability: Overall this bag is a workhorse, with one semi-irritating complaint. The wheels are amazing, and structurally this bag is tough and flexible. The handles on the top and sides are easy to grab and well made. The extendable arm is one of the better ones I have used, and I like the design, although I did end up covering it in a BUILT suitcase handle cover to make it softer when dragging it long distances. The zippers are top notch and I have never had a single issues with them. The shiny front of the bag is my biggest complaint. Mine is scratched and scuffed up really badly. I had a large custom Incase vinyl logo made that covers up a lot of the scratches, but they are pretty visible. In retrospect, whenever I do replace this bag, I will more than likely buy the Incase EO Roller instead of the Incase EO Hardshell Roller. It’s only an aesthetic issue, as the bag functionally has zero issues, but it is an annoyance.

Overall: This is really a great bag, and has been with me to several continents and on dozens, if not hundreds, of short and long business trips. I take this and either a Tumi Messenger bag or a Jansport backpack. I put about 90% of what I take when I travel in my Incase Roller as the wheels make the weight of the bag irrelevant. My only complaint is the shiny front. I really wish they had a matte or hard textured option that wouldn’t show the wear so badly. I would have to give this bag 5 stars though and highly recommend it, as this thing has been my number one trusted travelling companion for years now and is still going strong.