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LINGYI Gaming mouse 6 Programmable

The mouse is EXCELLENT and so inexpensive. The left and right mouse buttons are long and sweeping which is nice because you don’t feel like you have to use extra leverage force to push them. Plus, they are covered in a surface similar to grip tape, except very comfortable. The mouse wheel is very responsive and rotates very easily, while clicking in each rotation, and not over rotating. I’m not constantly going past what I need.The comfort and ergonomics is excellent as well. I’m not a “gamer” but I play a lot and it works better than advertised. More importantly, I’m a student and with online homework and Excel work, the comfort really helps me keep my shoulder pain down. The braided rope cord is genius! It keeps you from having to pseudo-whip the cord out of your way or anticipate what the rubber wire will interfere with. The rope cord stays put and lays without getting in the way. I like a heavier mouse, since I do more spreadsheets and coding then gaming. However, I love FPS and it handles very well.
Only played one game with it. Other than that ive been web browsing with it a ton. Love it. its a cheap version of a razor mouse or something. I never wanted to pay $30-50+++ for a mouse. so this is a great mouse for only like $9.99! it has several different lighting options on the mouse, along with an off and a run through of all colors. Great product!