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Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish

This clear nail polish holder provides you with a good glance at what color and brand you need among the polishes in the case.Space saver: It can be placed on your counter top or dresser horizontally or uprightly, making your counter neater with more space.This universal nail polish case are suitable for most nail polish brand. Besides a good polish holder, the case is a perfect container for other items like essential oils, small drug bottle ect.The flexible-design nail polish holder equips adjustable divider on each side, which has more room for other nail tools(like brushes, files etc.) and longer(or shorter) nail polish bottle.This portable polish storage comes with a secure snap latch in both side, keeping each bottle in the certain place with sturdy material.
A practical gadget, which provides a nit and tidy solution for your nail polish. The clear nail polish holder permits you to select and locate at a glance the nail polish you are looking for. The holder helps you keep your polishes organized and it is a space saver solution.
The holder is equipped with adjustable dividers so as to fit different size nail polish bottles as well as nail tools. Nail polishes are accessible from both sides. It is equipped with secure snap latches on both sides and a carry handle, making ideal for professional use or travels.
This nail polish case is suitable for most nail polish bottles. It is also a perfect container for other items, such as essential oils, small drug bottle ect.