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Memobottle Reusable Slim Water Bottle

Definitely the best compact water bottle that I’ve owned! I’ve bought multiple for myself, and definitely say that it’s worth the price. Its flat design makes it the ideal bottle for students and travelers, as it fits right into your bag without taking up an awkward amount of space and doesn’t leave you with an awkward lopsided bag. I get compliments on this water bottle all the time, and it’s a great conversation starter. Great looks, is super practical, and at a decent price…what more could you ask for?
This bottle is an eye catcher, I get tons of compliments, people ask me all the time where I purchased my bottle. It’s a great conversation piece.
The bottle itself is very versatile and I love that it comes with 2 different lids – black and white. I get to change the lids depending on my mood.