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MOFILY YoCam Waterproof Action Camera

I absolutely love my YoCam, it’s the best camera I’ve ever owned. I recently took it on vacation with me and it performed fantastically well underwater, I was able to document my entire scuba driving expedition. I loved that it didn’t need any additional housing/casing in order to be used underwater. The Mofily app is very easy to use and I love turning my photos into stories. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
Simply put, YoCam is the best small action camera on the market right now! I’ve been a GoPro fan for many years but their prices for both cameras and accessories just keep increasing, so I saw YoCam as an affordable alternative and boy does it pack a punch! The YoCam’s quality is unbelievable and I love that it’s waterproof without any additional housing. I bought the small adapter from YoCam’s website (it’s only around $10) and now my YoCam is compatible with all the GoPro accessories I already own. Very happy I gave YoCam a try!