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Monster Solara Solar Charging Bluetooth Speaker

I just received my Monster Solara Charging Bluetooth Speaker Solara . Super impressed by the sound quality and overall functions. The sound carries a good distance.(Bonus) One of the best things about the speaker is ….I can sit it and forget it- I don’t have to worry if I leave it outside 24/7, because it’s made for the elements. The fact that it’s waterproof and the waterproof works is ah-mazing!!!. I might have accidentally sat it closer to a sprinkler than I intended- but no big deal- still Works Perfectly!!!y I also love the solar panel for the recharge- eliminates the need for extra cords. Looks like it will stand the test of time to the elements and then some as it appears to be a solid built speaker. The changing of lights or the steady light color is a bonus. Overall- great deal…and just in time for all of our end of summer parties- Bring It Monster!