Nura Nuraphone Personal Headphones

I love these, would marry them if I could. Minor upgrades I would like to see will surely come in a next model. They don’t need am amplifier is a great plus, sound is strong enough, bass is unbelievable. I have lately listened to a lot of headphones, cheap to expensive. I habe spend several hours with people today to do their profile and listen. Everybody is blown away by them and it doesn’t take an audiophile to hear it. Its all over a winner. Finally love watching movies as well being mobile. I wanted strong sound, very high quality sound, no distortion, and i didn’t know it could be done without amplifier, but i got it all. My Samsung s8 plus and tablet s2 are enough to power these. I have not seen headsets that i could say that from, and still most importantly the sound quality is the best as well and not by a little better somewhere but undoubtedly all over by far. Great building quality you can feel by holding them, sturdy. This might be worth something in 30 years as the first ones.
Sounds great. “Immersion Mode” is noticeably different, fun to experiment with. Comfortable, soft ear pads. The ear buds aren’t too weird. High quality materials. Automatically powers on when you put it on. Side buttons can be programmed to replay songs, pause, change modes. Very smart design and unique.