Coffee Accessories

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Why drink regular coffee when you can have the best tasting and most flavorful, rich cup of coffee to delight the tastebuds. I don’t know what it is about is, but the coffee actually tastes better prepared this way. It is super easy to prepare, just pour a cup of near boiling water over coffee gorunds and in seconds you will have the most delectable cup of coffee. We got one for our family, my daughter, and my mom. We are all enjoying it. This Osaka dropper also is not an isor for your kitchen. It looks beautiful with the wood stand and beautiful shaped glass carafe.
I received my Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper several days ago and have used it every day since then. I have been very pleased with the coffee and it is exactly what I anticipated. It is very similar to the choriador that we purchased in Costa Rica, but I don’t have to clean the “sock” that filters the coffee. This filter is much easier to clean and the taste is just as great. It is also very stylish; I like the way it looks in the kitchen.