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Pakpod Packable Tripod for Mirrorless, DSLR, GoPro

Always in my backpack. As much as I love my other portable tripods, I love this one the best. Pakpod is the most flexible and lightweight tripod I ever had. Allows me to set up my camera anywhere with no limitations. I tend to shoot in extreme weather on occasion, and it is nice that I do not need to worry about this tripod against the elements.
If you use your phone to take pictures and videos, Packpod is a must have. Small enough and light enough to shove in your backpack.
When you’re out on the trail, you don’t want a tripod that’s going to weigh you down. Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and more versatile than any other, Pakpod is the ultimate adventure tripod. Weighing less than a pound, Pakpod stashes in your backpack easily and sets up in just moments so you can get the perfect pic fast.