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Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon

This is by far the best upgrade I have done for my home hifi system. My a good friend (and fellow budding audiophile) has the Pro-Ject Debut III and while this is only the next generation, the improvement is really great. It also looks amazing as well. The red finish is really quite stunning and it has not only become one of my most used items but also a great addition to my listening room.
I had been without a turntable for 30 plus years. Really good sound is important to me with budgetary constraints. I did spend about $2500 on a decent setup that included a pair of Paradigm Studio V3 speakers with the matching sub woofer and appropriate Yamaha separates with a nice cd player. After some years enjoying a nice sound via the receiver and cd’s I got a yearning for the spacial quality and warm sound only realized with analogue.
With a tip from an audiophile musician friend I pulled the trigger on this turntable and after nearly a year have no regrets whatsoever.
I actually cued up Weather Report’s Black Market both with my cd and an on loan mint condition vinyl album at the same time and switched from digital to analogue back and forth just for a direct comparison and i am here to report that the difference is absolutely stunning. There is a range difference as symbols are separate and sound as if they were in the room. There is a richer, warmer feel to the analogue copy that I had long ago forgotten even existed. It is almost inconceivable to me that as consumers we all went along with the next format never noticing the glaring reduction in quality of sound.