RinseKit Tote Portable Shower Hot Water

I absolutely love RinseKit Tote Portable Shower Hot Water it I take it everywhere I go because it lives in the back of my SUV. I do wish that it had some type of sight glass to see exactly how much water was still in it, but if you keep track of how often you use it or pick it up to see how heavy it is you can tell. But a visual reference would be nice.
I love this! We take it on all of our camping trips. Great for when we take the dog to the beach as well because the dog is always a sandy mess and has to stay in the back of the jeep. This way I can rinse and dry him a bit and he can ride with the rest of us. Sprayer works great with good pressure. Great gift for someone for the holidays! I’ve been very happy with the quality of this product!