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Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality

I also own both the Vive and the Rift, and the Odyssey is the only headset I use since I bought it. The crown style head mount is far more comfortable than the ski mask style of the other headsets, and I can play for hours at a stretch now. The resolution bump is significant and also much less fatiguing on my eyes. Once I go back to my Vive or Rift afterward, I realize how pixelated they are.

Setup is easy requiring just a few button presses and a perimeter walk to configure the play space, vs. mounting and configuring external sensors with the other two. For people who travel, or have wives that are resistant to awkward electronics hanging from living room walls, the inside out tracking of WMR headsets is great. Tracking fidelity is just as solid as the Vive and Rift as long as you’re in a decently lit room, and the controllers are visible to the cameras.

The one knock against it is the limited field of view of the stereo cameras with regards to controller tracking. The controllers are tracked outside of your visible field of view, but tracking loss is fairly common at your sides, or above your head. Thankfully the controllers stay body locked on tracking loss, so you tend not to notice often, but when you do it’s a little jarring. An option for even a single external sensor to assist would be awesome.