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Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

For me, the Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub (hereafter known as the “Hub”) has exceeded my expectations and is working flawlessly with various Z-Wave Plus devices and with Alexa. My wife and I live in a large three-story townhome. I have 2 Wi-Fi (802.11 n/ac) access points – one that came with my Verizon FiOS in the basement and a TP-Link Archer C9 in a bedroom on the top floor. I have an Echo on the middle floor and an Echo Dot in the basement and on the top floor. The “Hub” is connected to a wired Ethernet local area network.
I am in the process of replacing an ancient (predates the dinosaurs) homegrown Elk security system that has no chance of incorporating home automation. I decided to dive headlong into security/automation products. I wanted a complete all-in-one answer rather than one system for security and one system for automation. I also wanted Alexa and IFTTT integration. Enter the “Hub”. Perfect.