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Smokemiester BBQ Smokers convert

I used the Smokemiester BBQ Smokers convert to generate smoke for a homemade smoker I just built. I wanted the option to set the temp and walk away. that I accomplished by wiring a thermostat controller to regulate temperature. But I still needed something to generate smoke without having to pull the pan and add chips every hour and in doing so let all the heat out in the process that takes a while to build in the first place. This thing WORKS!! Tons of smoke.. The smoker I built is very air tight other than the vents so it barely uses any pellets at all when dampened way down. it’s been smoking for 1.5 hours now on the first cup of pellets that I put in it! And that was my first time using it and getting it dialed in. This is a simple awesome product and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. If your looking for a hassle free smoke generator that will smoke for multiple hours without adding fuel this is what you want.