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SUPPLY Single Edge Safety Razor

Now to the razor SUPPLY Single Edge Safety Razor . I have wet-shaved for more than four decades, and have used many of the ripoff multiblade systems. I’d settled in recent years for a Schick injector purchased off e-bay and a Mercur 34-C with Astra double-edged blades. Those shaves were quite good, but nothing like the Supply Single Edge Injector. The shaves are so good that they are disorienting: that is, I consistently find myself running my hand over bare portions of my face to convince myself that I’ve actually shaved them! You don’t feel the slight tug that even the best of the double-edges give you. It’s like passing an empty razor (or one of the toy razors you used to use to “shave” next to Dad) over your face. It’s that smooth, and it’s that effective at removing whiskers.