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There is nothing more uncomfortable than having wet feet. And if it is working, the problem multiplies, since it can be the source of multiple accidents. In almost all seasons, it is necessary to deal with water, if it is not water, it is with rain itself. That is why the work footwear has evolved and is prepared to ensure the maximum comfort and safety of workers.However, when looking for boots or shoes suitable for your company may arise the question of what type is really needed for each particular case. In terms of isolating the feet from moisture, there are also nuances that differentiate a hydrofuge leather boot and a waterproof boot Let’s see what they are. What does it mean that a safety boot has waterproofed leather?
Safety footwear is part of the EPI equipment because it protects the feet from the risks to which workers are exposed. Like all PPE, its manufacturing follows a special regulation that classifies
Them by degree of protection and regulates the characteristics that each category must have.According to the National Institute for Safety and Hygiene at Work (INSHT), boots or safety shoes that have resistance against penetration and absorption of water belong to categories S2 and above.But what does this mean? It means that safety boots from this category offer protection against water, but at a moderate level. Imagine that we have to work on grass and walk on wet ground. In this case, the boots would protect from splashing and water penetration thanks to their waterproofing quality.In fact, this type of footwear is treated with waterproofing or waterproofing, chemical compounds that repel water and reduce the porosity of the material on which they are applied. However, this does not make the boot totally waterproof and if we put the foot entirely in a puddle, the water will eventually enter the interior.