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Tortuga Travel Backpack – 44L Maximum

For now, I can honestly give this bag five stars. I have not used many other travel bags, so I’m sure you can find a less expensive option. BUT, if you’re tired of searching and don’t mind paying for quality, this bag is 100 % legit. Like anything, knowing how to efficiently pack will help you get the most out of this bag. This backpack will comfortably hold anything on your back, I even fit two pairs of sneakers comfortably in here. The laptop pouch is easily accessible for getting quickly through TSA as well. I was even able to sneak edibles from Oregon in this bag :)…..I really love how you can convert the bag into a suitcase for a sleeker profile, and quick overhead storage without the suspension system getting in the way. The newer Tortuga bag looks even more efficient so if cost is not an option I would get the Outbreaker V2. The quality feels sturdy, and I’m looking forward to more trips with this bag.
This backpack fits everything you need perfectly. It is great, thick material. I love the separate pockets and how you can unzip the top like a suitcase. I also like that you can zip the backpack straps inside so they don’t get damaged while flying. I highly recommend this bag!