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USCAMEL 13×50 Powerful Monocular

I love this the USCAMEL 13×50 Powerful Monocular Originally I bought one for my Dad (Macular Degeneration) to use on an upcoming Alaskan Cruise. Since one eye is “better” than the other he often complained about trying to focus binoculars for both eyes. He was like a kid at Christmas and had fun practicing how to use it. Then I realized that my astigmatism worked the same way as his vision so I decided to buy a second one for my wife and I to use as alternatives to binoculars. The fixed 13X magnification makes it excellent for viewing things beyond 20 yards out to a half mile and I find it is better than binoculars for tracking moving objects at distance due to the pistol grip and single eye focusing. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.