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Wanderings Leather Notebook Journal

This journal is amazing. I’m a lefty and always have a hard time finding something comfortable to write in. This journal has a nice soft edge and it’s not a bother to write in at all. The size is perfect too. Some of the small journals are awkward to write in because they are so small but this one gives you enough room to have a comfortable writing experience. I will definitely be ordering more of these journals in he future.
The journal looks great and smells like real leather, which was a feature I was looking for. It’s actually a gift for my mom and I think the smell reminds her of childhood with her horse, smell of saddle room or something. The only drawback was that where the papers slide into the side pouches (to refill it) the paper itself is kinda half glued and doesn’t look that sleek. That might just be a problem with the paper refill manufacturer. It’s just the right size, and the closure looks cool and is easy to use. I’m thinking of buying one for myself now actually.